Cellar XV can provide everything you need for your next special occasion. Here are some helpful tips as you plan your next, fabulous event:

How much should I buy?
For modest drinkers, figure one cocktail (beer, liquor, wine) per person every hour of the party. For example:
50 people for 4 hours = 50 pp x 4 drinks = 200 drinks
200 glasses = 50 bottles of wine (approx. 4 cases)

Standard bottle of wine 750ml = 4-5 glasses

Champagne = 5-6 glasses

Case of wine = 12 bottles = 48-60 glasses (depending on pour size)

Standard bottle of liquor 750ml = 17 drinks

What supplies should I have?
Bottle Opener
Cocktail Shaker
Shot glass for measuring
Stir sticks
Coasters or Napkins
Ice Bucket
Ice (1 lb. Per person is the recommended amount, double if all drinks require ice)
Juice (3 bottles of mix for every bottle of liquor)

Remember Drink Responsibly: Have the phone number for your local cab company on hand or provide a designated driver.

Our sommeliers will be delighted to help you select the perfect combination of wines and liquors for your upcoming event. You can alsopurchasebarware, napkins and table decorations from Cellar XV. Please call the store for our current party planning suggestions for outstanding value and crowd-appeal.