😳 It’s the Davids versus the Goliaths- again!!! Please help us remain in Ridgefield! 🙏

We need your help!

Dear friends of Cellar XV Wine Market and Small Local Business,

As if this hasn’t been a tough enough year, Connecticut wine/package stores are once again under assault by the Goliaths. The big box stores and chains- e.g. Walmart and Stop & Shop to name just two, want to undermine if not destroy the ‘Davids’- the small independent operators in CT. – by ‘offering’ wine for sale in grocery stores.

At a glance one might say, ‘Hey! That would be convenient!’ But ‘convenience’ is the only possible positive it would offer Connecticut shoppers. That ‘convenience’ has a ripple effect resembling a tidal wave. Opening sales to grocery stores adds thousands of additional locations to purchase wine- likely the mainstream, ubiquitous, widely advertised wines, at the peril of small, locally owned and operated boutique wine shops offering unique options, expertise, and local support.

Consider the consequences beyond ‘convenience’:

—– Local businesses failing

—– Jobs lost- It’s not only the wine shops & their employees out of work, but also distributor’s salesmen and women aren’t needed, warehouse needs limited, and delivery personnel become unnecessary.

—– Greater unemployment puts increased pressure on State services

—– Reduced tax income to the State & Town– sales tax, payroll tax, business tax, income tax

—– Fewer neighbors living and investing in their own hometown

—– Fewer unique, small production wine options


Please help maintain a healthy system that has worked for decades upon decades for consumers, employers, and the State of Connecticut and please call or email your legislators and tell them to reject ANY proposal to allow the sale of wine in grocery stores. 


To review the proposed legislation, see HB 5155, HB 6219 and SB 643 on the CT.gov website.


Ridgefielders can connect with our representatives by email and/or phone at the following:

CT State Senator Will Haskell: Email will.haskell@cga.ct.gov or call 860-240-0068

  1. State Representative Aimee Berger-Girvalo (111th District for most of town)

Email Aimee.Berger-Girvalo@cga.ct.gov or call 800-842-8267 or 860-240-8585

If you live in the far north side of Ridgefield and live in the 113th District, please email

CT State Representative Ken Gucker at Kenneth.Gucker@cga.ct.gov860.240.8553


Thank you for your time to read and understand the consequences of the proposed legislative changes, and your time to share your thoughts with our representatives. We truly appreciate it.

To Peace and Good Health!

Betsy Thompson

Cellar XV Wine Market



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