Dear Friends,

Everyone’s excited about our world starting to ‘open up’ again, and we are too, but our first and foremost concern is for everyone’s health- yours, ours and everyone coming in contact with each of us.  It is with that commitment and understanding in mind that Cellar XV Wine Market is NOT planning to open our doors to foot traffic May 20th.

We have decided to wait a little longer & see how it goes.  Without confidence as to the impact of restrictions being loosened, we are afraid to take chances with anyone’s health.  As small as we are, Doug’s dad having compromised health and his mom (me) working from home to better protect his dad and Doug’s 95 year old ‘Nana’, if Doug were to get sick, we’d literally have to close the shop until he recovered. That would not be good for anyone.

Coupled with that, we are physically a very small shop & trying to maintain the recommended 6 feet distancing would be difficult as would be managing the direction of flow of those who’d like to browse.  We currently have enough gloves, masks and hand sanitizers for our great team, but we don’t have enough to provide the public as required.  Being unable to meet these dictates make it impossible for us to safely open our doors to the public just yet.

Of course, we remain optimistic and can’t wait until the concerns over Covid-19 reduce to the point we can once again get together in person, taste some great wines & share stories about the crazy time we will have overcome!   In the meantime, we‘ll have to content ourselves to greeting all of our customers with smiling eyes and voices above and behind our masks as we continue to ask you to please call 203-894-8690 or email with your order for curbside pick-up or local delivery for orders of more than $100. These are the two best options for communicating with us so we don’t miss you!

We hope you understand and support our decision, and we look forward to talking with you soon, helping with your orders, and seeing you curbside whenever possible! We do miss you!

Our store hours remain-
MondaySaturday 10 am to 8pm
Sunday‘s 11am to 4 pm.

For detailed guidance regarding Connecticut’s reopening, click

Here’s a toast to all of us- to staying safe, keeping healthy, being kind and taking care of each other! We are all in this together and together we are strong!


Betsy Thompson
Cellar XV Wine Market

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