🙌 1-2-3.. for Easy-Peasy Holidays! 😁

Dear Friends,

1-2-3+ For Easy-Peasy Holidays! Yay!

Thanksgiving’s about to kick off the holiday season! It’s always a fun and delicious time of year, but with Covid-19 putting a kink in our style, we’ll all be celebrating a bit differently this year. Let us help make it easier, less stressful, and yet as tasty as ever!


1. Call us at 203-894-8690 with your order (or questions!) for Thanksgiving (next Thursday!) or, or whenever you want to enjoy wine, beer or spirits! Let us give you some guidance, pull your choices, ring you out, and be ready for you to pop by for curbside pick-up at your convenience! 🙂

2. Want to pick your wine, beer, spirits and gifts yourself?

Great! We’ve installed a state-of-the-art Viron Aire air filtration system to help insure our home away from home- aka Cellar XV Wine Market- continues to be as safe as possible against Covid-19 for everyone entering our doors!
Keep in mind- 
***We continue to welcome only 2 shoppers at a time, so keep an eye out for the baskets hanging on the sign out front. No baskets in sight means we’ve 2 customers inside, so wait in your warm car till a customer (and basket!) leave and then grab that basket and come on in!
***Masks must be worn plus we have a disinfectant hand spray at the front door for your comfort and convenience as well. And remember to social distance!

3. We’re trying something new! This year we’ll be posting lots of pictures of unique, delightful or just plain fun gifts and goodies on Facebook, Instagram and our website! We won’t be posting prices as many items we sell cannot be advertised with prices online without our losing the privilege to sell those products in the future. And as a reminder, we try very hard to match or better Amazon prices! If there’s something tickling your fancy, give us a call and we can let you know the price.
Remember, all of our wines are curated to be representative of the varietal, its region and bang for the buck!
The easiest gift ever- for any wine explorer- is our renowned Wine of the Month Club membership.
We continue to offer free delivery in Ridgefield for orders over $100.
And of course, we offer free gift wrapping. What could be better! 😉
Let’s dive into this crazy holiday season together! Get a jump on that to-do list and put in your orders sooner than later!

And every day, let’s make a point to raise a toast to all of us- for doing the best we can to stay safe, keep healthy, and watching out for each other! We’re all in this together and we WILL get through this!

Our regular store hours remain-
Monday – Saturday 10 am to 8pm
Sunday’s 11am to 4 pm.

Oh, and if anyone was wondering, our computer upgrade has gone well! Only a couple little glitches still to work out, but all in all, a success!!! 🙂

Let’s raise a toast to all of us- to staying safe, keeping healthy, being kind and taking care of each other! We are all in this together- Together we are strong! And together we will get through this!

To peace and good health,

Betsy Thompson
Cellar XV Wine Market

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